Eco ArtLab creates performances and exhibitions that enhance ecological awareness, engaging with new forms of expression enabled by the emerging media technologies of our time.

Our inaugural project is Your Ocean, My Ocean (YOMO). Presented in multiple formats, this creative exploration of humanocean relationships responds to natural beauty and calls out detrimental effects. YOMO reveals how the desire to transform our environment is unleashing destructive forces that endanger the world and everything in it, including ourselves.

YOMO: Portal
Previewing Now

The oceans cover the majority of the planet’s surface and are a primary line of defense against the effects of anthropogenic climate change, but they face potentially catastrophic threats due to human activity.

YOMO: PORTAL is an online project consisting of dance, theatre and music segments that respond to the natural beauty of oceans and coastlines, as well as to detrimental human impacts on ocean ecosystems.

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Leave A Trace
UC Irvine
May 2022

A place-based online art project in which visitors are invited to “leave a trace” of their personal engagment with significant locations in the environment. Participants capture short videos or photos on location with their mobile devices. Online submissions are transformed into an everchanging movement montage.

Cryosphere Crisis
Winterland Film & Tech Festival
Whitefish, MT
September 2022

From the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland to the glaciers of the Rockies, Alps and Pyrenees, our cryosphere is shrinking, with devastating effects on the planet. A new interactive film project grapples with the environmental and social impacts of this crisis.

Visit the festival site for more information:

YOMO: Immersive
Coming Soon

Visitors enter an immersive media environment featuring ocean and coastal locations, evoking aspects of natural beauty and environmental degradation.

Live performers in the YOMO: IMMERSIVE environment are accompanied by a virtual cast of dancers, actors and musicians who appear in video projections.

A related series of animated films is generated by a crowdsourced social media interface that engages visitors to participate in the YOMO experience by submitting their own images, short videos and text messages.

In the Liminal Space
Nabla Performance Festival
New York, NY
May 23, 2022

Live intermedia performances and films explore notions of coastline as a liminal zone continually in flux between land and sea, a meeting place marked by the dreams of humans and erased by the power of the ocean. Encompassing a range of formats and styles, these short works collectively respond to the contrasts and complexities of the coastal interface through dance, music and digital media.

More information:

Eco Art Showcase
Work in Progress

A continually evolving online exhibition presents the new work from technology-savvy art makers as they grapple with with environmental, cultural and political issues, considering both immediate relevance and future potential for societal change. Audiences engage with challenging ideas through new artistic creations encompassing diverse perspectives in film, theatre, dance, music and media.


Eco ArtLab is a creative hub that supports synergistic groups of artists and designers concerned with environmental issues. Inspired by earth’s natural beauty, including aesthetics of human involvement, we have a passionate desire to respond to the escalating crisis driven by the rapidly evolving human capacity to alter planetary ecosystems.

We embrace multi-dimensional approaches to a systems view of life in which humans are part of a larger, living whole. Our participants have expertise in the use of advanced digital technologies for artistic creation, combined with a strong grounding in traditional approaches to film, theatre, dance, music, media and design, with many years of experience in artistic projects that integrate all these areas. And we acknowledge how lack of attention to crucial values combined with unquestioning acceptance of rational thought can create unhealthy dependence on illconsidered technological “solutions.”

We are committed to supporting climate justice through creative frameworks that encompass diverse cultural perspectives. We recognize that environmentalism is not a new movement environmental activism has played a central role in the cultures of indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Our heartfelt objective is to honor and respond to diverse voices from different communities, nourished and enabled by individual and collective commitment to creation, performance and exhibition.


Eco ArtLab is an independent nonprofit collective of artists and designers committed to supporting environmentalism and climate justice. You can support our efforts to create a positive systemic response to the escalating planetary crisis.

We receive tax deductible contributions through Open Collective, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit fiscal host. Our open ledger provides transparency for all financial transactions. Everyone can see our sources of funds and what the money is spent on. Multiple payment methods are available, including credit card, PayPal, bank transfers and checks.


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